Dementia and Eating: Practical Solutions

Normal, everyday functions, such as eating, can become progressively difficult for individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “As a person’s cognitive function declines, he or she may become overwhelmed with too many food choices, forget to eat or have difficulty with eating utensils.” The opposite may also occur — patients may develop voracious appetites and not know when to stop. In order to maintain peak health and dignity, The Alzheimer’s Store offers practical solutions for dementia and eating.

Dignified Dining: Adult Bibs for Seniors

Dementia and eating can coexist harmoniously. Fashion meets function with this pocketed senior bib, designed with a reversible side that provides a second bib in an instant… simply wipe off spills and flip over. Eating becomes less of a challenge and dignity is maintained with this handy bib that fully covers the chest and lap, protecting the clothing and confidence of the wearer. It can be used during cooking, activities, crafting, car meals, and of course, meals at home. Attractive enough to be worn all day, senior bibs are lightweight, water and stain-proof, and machine washable. Wash after wash, these bibs will not shrink or fade.

Ideal for early, middle and late stage patients, Adult Bibs from The Alzheimer’s Store are available in stylish Rose, Blues, Hearts, Leopard, Plaid and Camouflage patterns. Each bib comes with a matching tote bag that can be easily stored. The handy side pocket functions as a holder for personal items, such as glasses, tissues, cell phone and more.

Kitchen Safety: Fridge Padlock for Adults

One negative aspect of dementia eating habits can be triggered by certain medications — some patients suffer from an insatiable appetite. The solution? The Alzheimer’s Store’s Refrigerator Lock. It offers the perfect way to deter dementia and Alzheimer’s patients from overindulging in food and drink, which can help maintain overall well-being. In addition, many Seniors’ medicines need to be refrigerated and administered with supervision. This Refrigerator Lock keeps medications safely out of reach until the time is right. Easy installation involves self-adhesive pads included in the kit, and there’s absolutely no drilling. Once installed, this lock provides a serious deterrent to anyone attempting to get into the refrigerator — they just won’t be able to! It’s heavy duty design is ideal for kitchen safety for seniors who wander at night and and for those suffering with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Enhanced Dining DVD


Mealtimes, which are usually the highlights of our day, can be stressful for those who suffer from memory loss. The Enhanced Dining DVD is geared toward dementia and Alzheimer’s patients and provides idea-packed presentation activities, as well as verbal and visual cues to improve poor dementia eating habits. This 1 hour 14 minute DVD is designed to pinpoint reasons why a loved one may not eat and provide solutions. Overall, its presentation will help enhance mealtimes and restore the pleasure of dining to those in need.

DVD Topics Include: Look, Feel and Smell like a Dining Room; Approach; Creating a Social Atmosphere; Development Level; Reasons Why They Don’t Eat; Four Phases; Drink Up; While They Wait and after Meals. Author: Jolene Brackey

With this DVD, caregivers and loved ones can learn how to better communicate, empower and help people with the disease feel and become safer in their environments. In addition, the Adult Bib and Fridge Padlock will help maintain safety, dignity and overall well-being. For more helpful dementia and eating products, please visit The Alzheimer’s Store today.

Author: Bruce Barnet

Bruce Barnet is a managing principal with Healthcare Products LLC

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