Gifts for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Selecting gifts for dementia patients is easy with this handy blog. There’s an ample selection of gifts for Alzheimer’s patients that provide many health benefits and sheer enjoyment. Simply choose the appropriate gift for friends or loved ones based on their progressive stage, whether it be Early, Middle or Late Stage cognitive impairment. These Alzheimer’s gifts are tailored to their special needs.

Alzheimer’s Gifts for Friends and Family

1. Simple Music Player For Dementia – Early, Middle and Late Stages

Music has a restorative effect on people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, helping to improve cognizance and lucidity. Playing music to patients with familiar songs from their youth vastly improves the quality of life at home, mental well-being, and promotes independent living.

Modern music players may be tricky to operate, but the Simple Music Player is easy to use. Since the Simple Music Player is reminiscent of old radios with just three easy-to-use controls, it’s the perfect gift for people with dementia. This radio for seniors is pre-loaded with big band hits and has the capability to download up to 1,000 songs, making it easy to play Name That Tune with loved one — a great memory exercise!

2. Senior TV Remote Control – Early and Middle Stages

Let’s face it… remote controls can be complex for anyone! Imagine how hard it could be for a dementia patient. This user-friendly, simplified remote control gift for Alzheimer’s patients is the solution. It features five blue buttons for five favorite channels; one large blue Volume button, one large blue Channel button, one On-Off button, and one Mute button — just the important functions are there. It’s easy to program for any TV system, ranging from a basic TV and cable box system to an advanced home theater.

3. Busy Board for Alzheimer’s Patients – Early and Middle Stages

This Busy Board was especially designed to maintain the dignity of aging adults, as it does not contain childlike features. In fact, this therapeutic Alzheimer’s gift brings everyday items together on an appealing and portable board so individuals with memory loss can practice recognizable activities. They include a chain lock like those used to lock doors; a sash latch like those used to lock windows; a toggle latch like those used to latch trunks; and a barrel bolt like those used to lock bathroom stalls. This ideal gift for dementia patients is high quality, lightweight, and available in many colors.

4. Fiddle Hand Muff – Middle and Late Stages

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients may show anxiety and restlessness through fidgety hands. One solution is the Fiddle Hand Muff, which helps keep fingers busy to soothe patients. Set the Fiddle Hand Muff on the patient’s lap and watch them twiddle and fiddle with a variety of calming attachments. This gift for Alzheimer’s patients is great for dexterity and memory, and also helps the user feel less self-conscious.

5. Paint with Water Duo – Early and Middle Stages

Magic painting activity gifts for dementia patients are mess-free and can be used again and again. When water is added to the black and white drawings using the wet “magic brush,” the Fairy Gardens and Under the Sea creatures are brought to life with a rainbow of colors. When the picture dries the colors disappear, so paint as many times as you like. Both seniors and children will delight — it’s a great bonding activity for the entire family and builds self-confidence.

On special occasions or “just because,” these gifts for people with dementia will provide years of enjoyment, which are perfectly tailored to seniors with memory loss. The Alzheimer’s Store has all of the Alzheimer’s gifts and items you’ll need at any stage.

Author: Bruce Barnet

Bruce Barnet is a managing principal with Healthcare Products LLC

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