Gifts for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Selecting gifts for dementia patients is easy with this handy blog. There’s an ample selection of gifts for Alzheimer’s patients that provide many health benefits and sheer enjoyment. Simply choose the appropriate gift for friends or loved ones based on their progressive stage, whether it be Early, Middle or Late Stage cognitive impairment. These Alzheimer’s gifts are tailored to their special needs.

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Alzheimer’s Activities: The Top Five

As we age, our body and mind needs mental stimulation and physical activity. This is especially true with individuals with forms of dementia, the most prevalent being Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s activities keep patients engaged with the world around them. But because these diseases are progressive in nature, activities with those who suffer from memory and dexterity loss can become more and more challenging. Fortunately, both Alzheimer’s organizations and the Alzheimer’s Store can provide dementia activities that can help keep you connected.

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Professionals, Home Caregivers and even Family Members who manage communities, facilities or just their own home, have to be aware of Wandering as a symptom in our senior population. Seniors can find themselves in what seems to be unfamiliar environments and they look for ways to leave wherever they are. Many times they want to go home when they are already there. Perhaps they want to go to the home they remember in younger years.

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