Selecting a GPS Locator Watch for Seniors

When an Alzheimer’s, dementia or Autistic patient wanders off, it can be a frightening experience for everyone involved. Fortunately, The Alzheimer’s Store carries three GPS locator watch models to track friends and loved ones around-the-clock. But, how do you know which one is right for you? Selecting the ideal GPS tracking watch for elderly patients with memory loss is based on their individual needs. Since there are differences between each type of monitoring watch, it’s important to know which elderly GPS tracker will work best to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.

GPS Locator Watch Tracks in Real Time

The sleek, lightweight, water-resistant MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch is perfect for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss who are at risk of wandering. For caregivers and those who live alone, this GPS tracking watch for elderly individuals not only tracks the wearer’s whereabouts, but gives the extra assurance that they can communicate in real-time with two-way voice communication. The wearer can speak directly with a caregiver or operator with the push of a button, making this an invaluable device for individuals in an emergency situation.

It is the only watch The Alzheimer’s Store offers with worldwide coverage, so it’s ideal for snowbirds/travelers. This device uses cellular and WiFi technology with an integrated app (iPhone and Android) that connects directly with watch to provide the wearer’s exact location. It also offers a “Tether Zone” function, notifying the monitor when the user enters or exits a central location, such as home. With all of these incredible features, the MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch gives both the wearer and the caregiver more independence.

Fall Alerts with this GPS Locator Watch for Seniors

If you simply want to know where a loved one is located, whether it be an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, a child who is cognitively impaired, or even a truck driver or other type of lone worker, the TriLoc™ GPS Locator provides families and caregivers peace of mind. This innovative elderly GPS tracker uses Cellular and Bluetooth technology, and has fall detection notifications, making it unique from other models.

This GPS locator watch is highly durable and ideal for someone who prefers a larger sized piece. Setup and tracking is easy using the free iOS and Android Apps or from your laptop or desktop computer. Like the MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch, it also features multiple “geo-fences” with personalized schedules that sends an alert when an individual exits or enters a user-defined region, and an SOS button automatically that sends an alert when pressed, which then initiates a two-way voice call with simultaneous tracking.

The Freedom GPS Locator Watch: Ideal for Tracking & Emergencies

This GPS tracking watch for elderly patients is great for those who are mostly home or in a facility and where good AT&T service is available. It locates and tracks the wearer and keeps a historical record of prior positions located, making it crucial to caregivers. This wandering locator uses using radio frequency, GPS, and cellular network technology to communicate position data.

The Freedom Watch allows the user to set movable safe zones in or outdoors using a portable receiver. If these safe zones are crossed, it sets off both an audible and visual alarm on this receiver. The individual can be quickly located with a Smartphone or computer. When an event occurs, family, friends and caregivers can be alerted by text, phone or email.

Important Features for All Three Models

Optional 24-hour Professional Monitoring is available for each of these watches, and each has an on-demand location request function with tracking history and a GPS location of up to ten feet. Text and email alerts keep you updated on the user’s whereabouts and each offers multiple, programmable geofence functions. These watches also offer an SOS/Panic Alert Button in case of emergency, are able to be locked onto the wrist of the wearer, and are water resistant.

Each GPS locator watch for seniors look like regular, every day wristwatches, which will put the wearer more at ease while helping to maintain their freedom and safety. Before ordering, please make sure the individual will wear a watch. If you have additional questions about features and functions, please email or contact Robin at 1-888-423-1887.

Author: Bruce Barnet

Bruce Barnet is a managing principal with Healthcare Products LLC

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